“Wolfest24” Suistinable Commitments

  1. Regarding the gender approach, to keep the number of participants, teams and staff as equal as possible, paying attention to the number of men and women.
  2. To ensure local commercial development. To make certain purchases from local tradesmen, local people and local producers.
  3. Local and ecological purchases
  4. To include disadvantaged groups in the activity within the framework of harmony.
  5. To include Vulnerable Groups (elderly, disabled and children) in harmony with the activity and to offer solutions for their needs.
  6. To reduce the negative impact of printed and visual materials on nature.
  7. Designing advertising works to be as recyclable and reusable as possible. Thinking of alternative solutions.
  8. Creating alternatives in transportation. Reducing individual transportation and supporting public transportation.
  9. To develop renewable energy methods, consider their applicability in the field and create alternatives.
  10. Considering alternatives to disposable plastic bottles for drinking water.
  11. Creating the food court with local companies and including ecological kitchens. To provide food opportunities for different food cultures. (Vegan, vegeterian etc.)
  12. To produce solutions for the negative impact of toilet and shower needs on nature.
  13. Planning the issue of waste management. In this context, to produce solutions to reduce, recycle and separate waste.
  14. Within the scope of the festival, awareness-raising activities, interviews, etc. on “sustainability” will be held. to organise.
  15. Non-governmental organizations, associations, etc. Working with institutions. To support these institutions in terms of social responsibility by giving them a free place in the field.
  16. To cooperate with companies that embrace the principle of sustainability.
  17. At the end of the event, collect and separate the waste of the entire area.
  18. At the end of the event, collect feedback from participants.
  19. Reporting of activity.